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Customer Testimonials

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Don't take our word for it! Here's what our customers say about us:

Best costumer service around and great prices. FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

Great people with amazing service! Definitely recommend! FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

A great place if your looking for a firearm they make it fast and easy to get in and out FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

Got a grrreat deal on a gun at Porter's! Great service and selection - outstanding bunch! Thanks for the awesome experience, James!! FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

This place is awesome! Best customer service I have seen! FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

I am a frequent buyer at Porters Pawn, James and the rest of the crew are top notch and so helpful. I’ve purchased many guns and construction tools there. FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

Awesome place for all kinds of stuff! The staff there is very helpful and pleasant to talk with! FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

Always easy to deal with,great prices,and highly knowledgeable about all the itemp not only in the store,but also items brought in.I highly recommend them FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

Won an amazing Fathers Day giveaway from Facebook two years ago!! Super easy location to find, friendly staff and SO MUCH STUFF to browse through!! FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

James greeted me professionally when I walked through the door. He handled our business affairs with care and confidence while making small talk I would recommend Porters Pawn in an instant. Thank you for your business . FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

Great place to shop. Friendly staff, great selection, and they always have the best music playing there! Stop in and see their constantly changing selection of merchandise. FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

I've bought several items from here, never had a bad experience. Prices are very reasonable and everyone is helpful and friendly! FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

Extremely knowledgeable, honest, helpful and encouraging toward beginning guitar player.
Answered all questions and offered advice.
We enjoyed listening to him play guitar and show examples on the amp we bought.
We will definately be back! FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

Have shopped here for years! Hands down best pawnshop in Mountain Home, Ar. An amazing staff that not only sale at a fair price, but give you a fair price for what you have to sale. Always recommend Porters Pawn! FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW
Someone is always ready to help you and very friendly! Had a great experience buying my wedding band and getting my rings cleaned through the jewelry dept! Will definitely use again!! FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

An incredible pawn Shop!! It’s rare to find this kind of integrity, authenticity and dignified treatment from a pawn shop! I highly recommend them for both your loan and retail needs! James does a great job around all things musical. FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

Absolutely awesome people. They will answer any questions you may have, and if they don't know the answer they can refer you to someone who does. Their all around knowledge of the products they carry is outstanding. They carry a large selection of new and used gun and jewelry. Always willing to make you a deal!!FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW 

Love to stop in and look around. Everything is displayed well and someone is always available to help. I had TJ redo a ring that no longer fit and we decided on making it into a pendant. Love it. Also love to see his work on their website. They have a great variety of merchandise. -FROM A GOOGLE REVIEW

"I have done business with this place for years and have never once had a bad experience. If anyone asks I always recommend them. The place is always clean and well organized. Just what we need in this town." - from a Facebook review

"Always friendly and helpful. If you're needing some quick cash or just looking around for some good deals, this is the place to go! Like no other!!!" - from a Facebook review

"Trustworthy, honest and dependable!" - from a Facebook post

"I've been pleased with the jewelry I have had repaired or sized there. Love stopping by & gazing at their wonderful selection of jewelry!" - from a Facebook post

"TJ is the best!!!" - from a Facebook post

"T.J. is like Superman to Jewelry! The man can fix about darn near anything!" - from a Facebook post

"Not only does T.J. know his craft, but so does his Wonder Woman, Alice, that handles the customers at the counters! Their service & integrity is 2nd to none!" - from a Facebook post

"Wow, what a treasure. My kids had TJ make a mothers ring fr me a few years ago and I love it!" - from a Facebook post

"Best place around to find new and used items. Very professional staff and fair prices"  from a Google review

"The staff goes above and beyond to get you the cash you need and they have exceptional customer service." - from a Google review

"...The staff is professional and will talk to you and give you any information you need concerning buying, selling or pawning. Plus, the staff usually knows what their talking about, and if they don't, they will usually be willing to look up the information with you to be able to properly help you. One of my favorite stores in Mountain Home." - from a Google review

"Very fair and honest. The store is clean and well organized." - from a Google review

"I wanted to buy something to enjoy, just for me!! I found a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring at a great price. So if you want a gift or a splurge for yourself check out their jewelry counter!!" -from a Facebook review 

"Love me some Alice and TJ" If you are interested in God's gift of precious stones, in adorning yourself or your loved one with awe inspiring gems set in silver and gold, then here is your new hangout. The selection is far beyond what you would find in a typical jewelry store. The chain stores specialize in artists and imitations. Porter Pawn specializes in beauty, quality, and timeless treasures. Go see for yourself, you will be amazed." - from a Facebook review 

"Amazing people and great deals. They have always given us top dollar on anything we bring in. Their jewelry selection is amazing." - from a Facebook review

"I have done business with this place for years and have never once had a bad experience. If anyone asks I always recommend them. The place is always clean and well organized. Just what we need in this town." - from a Facebook review 

"Porters is the best and what makes it the best is the staff ... They are sweet and very polite .Most all items are sold are on the best condition and of you have a problem they do there best to solve it and make you happy .So THANK YOU GUYS" - from a Facebook review 

"Great place and people to do business with. Great selection of guns, scopes, and ammo." - from a Facebook review