Best of Twin Lakes 2018!

Twin Lakes Photo.jpg

"I had the pleasure of meeting Shane many years ago at the NPA Expo. I had one of the most engaging conversations I have ever had with a business owner in this space. I always recalled his candor and his vision. He was resolve with his game plan and approach to business. We were talking because my initial goal was to see if I could secure him as a customer. This goal swiftly dissipated and the conversation was focused purely on business but moreover, how a business should operate and the hard work needed to achieve the vision.

The moral of the story is about collaboration, a solid vision and the hard work needed to achieve the goals that are set. Shane and Porter’s Pawn & Bargain have since connected with us on the business level but his story, his teams commitment to the business and their community is just another great story, which needs to be heard. Well done gang!"

-Len Suma